Have you ever been in the car with a bored kid? Or kids? I drive to northern Michigan with my little man at least a couple of times per year. I love spending time with him. Sometimes it is the most wonderful bonding time. We make up our own stories, play memory games, and share our thoughts. Other times I would like to install an eject button.

Little man and I are taking a little road trip up to a friends cottage this weekend for a Hot Dog Cook Off (yes, you read that correctly. I’m taking the trophy with these Crispy Crack Dogs).

I’ve finally learned to be prepared for our road trips. It took me four years to figure it out, but I’ve finally got the long drives down and they always include podcasts. Here is our list of favorites:

10. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a quick paced podcast of short stories. It continues from episode to episode so we’ve listened to a few at a time. This is one that you may want to have the kidlets listen to with headphones.

9. Brains On is a science podcast that makes the grown ups happy. The content is fun and entertaining and probably best for school aged kids.

8.  Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child – A podcast with fun and energetic music that young kids will find entertaining. Spare the Rock offers a variety of styles of music in each episode, which is good for mom, dad, or grandma.

7. The Sesame Street Podcast is definitely a fun podcast for the younger child. There is also a video that plays too, but you can forgo the visual if you want to.

6. Tumble – A podcast for learning about science. The content is super interesting and easy to understand. It is very laid back and a better podcast for when it is wind down time.

5. This Podcast has Fleas is a fun podcast that gives a fictional story from the perspective of a dog. Some of the ideas are hilarious, especially for dog owners everywhere.

4. Story Pirates – This podcast features professional actors that play out stories written by children. This is some awesome improv and at times the cast breaks down into a hot hilarious mess. They take me back to my days as a cocktail waitress at Second City Detroit and watching the cast fly by the seat of their pants. I’m going WAYYY back now.

3. OWTK’s Music Monthly is a music podcast that has great beats for the grown ups and good messaging for the kids. I sometimes find myself accidentally listening to this podcast when little man isn’t even in the car. The themes include ideas that teach helpfulness, emotional intelligence, good manners, and more.

2. Dream Big Podcast – This one is for kids who are setting goals and willing to work to achieve them. These goals can be anything from raising funds for Cub Scouts to making a nice gift for grandpa. Eva Karpman is a 7-year-old who wants to teach kids success skills. Since I am a self-improvement nerd this is so. my. jam. I love it! Eva is fun and enthusiastic and she can definitely teach us grown-ups a few lessons on life.

1. Wow in the World! – Oh mer gosh! Little man and I listen to this podcast in the car on the way to school on many mornings. We laugh out loud and have fun listening. Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz do an amazing job of making the stories come alive. Above and beyond that they have opened little man’s mind to educational content that has inspired him to not only try new foods, but also decide he loves them. There was an episode about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and ever since then he eats salmon. This momma can finally get her fish on! Yay!

So now that you have read through our list let me know if there are any really awesome podcasts we should know about. Happy trails!


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