I’ve been wanting to make a rope rug for a while. I love them and think they are absolutely beautiful!
I’ve watched the prices of manila rope at Home Depot and other outlets for a while. The stuff isn’t cheap. It usually runs $8 or more per 50 ft.
I waited for a while and found it for $5.50 per 50 ft. I ran up to home depot and bought 8 packs.
I used a natural fiber rope because I love the color variation and I wanted to make something environmentally friendly.
It occurred to me that I would need a base to adhere the rope to and I wanted to use something I had on hand.
How to Make a Rope Rug
I ended up using some leftover weed barrier from a garden project I worked on last summer.
It almost worked out perfectly. If it wasn’t for the fact that the glue seeped through the barrier and onto my carpet it would have been perfect. 😅
Lucky for me, I just pulled it up and there was no trace of my oops. 😂
I decided to lay garbage bags out flat under the rug to catch the seepage (I just noticed that seepage is really a strange word). The bags stuck to the bottom a little here and there, but I would rather that than the carpet.
If you have a denser barrier this will not be a concern. An old blanket or extra fabric will work fine. You’ll want a low profile fabric. If it is too thick you could end up with a rug that is a tripping hazard.
I really didn’t know how long this project was going to take so I compiled a list of movies that I wanted to watch and got myself a beer.
After little man was down to bed I put on Serendipity and set myself to work. Here are the supplies you’ll need to have on hand:
A fabric base ( I used weed barrier, but an old thin blanket will work as well)
400′ or more of Rope
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
A movie or two
It took me roughly two movies to complete, but since you have a better idea of what you are doing than I did maybe you can cut it down.
There was extra fabric hanging off the sides as I didn’t know how large the rug was going to be. I just went around and trimmed it off.
How to Make a Rope Rug
If you wanted to finish off the sides of the rug you could use a canvas ribbon or cord. I didn’t feel it was necessary for mine so I just left it as is.
I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I may make an oval one as well. If you wanted to do this you would just start off with a straight line of rope then start rapping the rope around.
The rope rug has a happy home in my son’s room for a few months. It is soft enough to play on and has held up really well too!
Quick tips:
-Put the glue directly onto the fabric and not the side of the rope it is laying next to. If you do this the rug will start to roll up.
-Put a secondary barrier if your base is thin.
-This project will be low profile with 3/8″ rope (and still be relatively quick).
-If you have several colors of rope preplan your color layout.
-I used 400 ft of rope and ended up with a rug that is just over 4 feet in diameter.
Here is a link for a deal on 600′ manila rope.
Post a picture of your rope rug below and tell us how it turned out.

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