Hi! Welcome to “the fun loving life”!  I’m Jen and I am so glad you stopped by. I am:

Married to a man that I met at a bar. I take that back, I didn’t meet him at a bar. I met him at MY  bar. It was a bar I worked at since I was 18 and when we met I was 21 so, of course, that made it mine. I was a bartender since before I was legally allowed to drink. When I met him he was the designated driver and so very charming. He lived all the way across the deep blue in Hawaii and since I lived in Michigan where he was vacationing (because everybody from Hawaii went to Detroit for vacation way back in 2001 – it was probably considered an adventure trip). Anyway, he asked for my phone number and I said no.  I offered him my email address. Even though he didn’t really want to be pen pals he stuck to it and 16 years later we are still buddies.

We have one child. He is now 6 years old. He is a super spunky little cutie with lots of energy. I will refer to him as little man.  We have no pets as we lost our beautiful and sweet Jade last year, but I am seriously contemplating bringing another fur baby into our home.

In addition to being a mom of one and a wife, I am a coffee lover, self-improvement nerd, and DIY-er.

I have questioned whether some parents secretly have super powers so here I look to connect and laugh with women who, like me, don’t already have all the answers. I’m looking forward to this adventure and I would love to hear from you about the funny, sweet, and hairy situations in your life. 💜 Jen