Along with the cooler weather and changing leaves comes the scent of pumpkins in every store, coffee shop, and restaurant known to man. It is the sign of all things ghoulish and frightful to emerge. I love it!

It has become like Christmas in the home decor world. I am on board as long as I can name my price. For those of you who are DIYers like me this is fun and sometimes free. It just takes a bit of imagination, a little preparation, and sometimes a glass of wine.

I’ve switched up my front entry this year and wanted to do it on a dime.

Let’s start from the bottom. The birdcage was already on my mantle so I just repurposed it. The black bird came from The Dollar Tree and the stick he is perched on came from outside.

My witches broom was a fun little craft from last year. The entire thing came out of my yard with the exception of the twine which has been in my garage for at least 200 years. The broom’s straw was the dried up leftovers from last years day lilies. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that it had held up so well.

The witches hat is from last years Halloween costume and the sign has been here for a while now. The netting is from The Dollar Tree and that is actually a summer pillow with a bird on the other side, this side is a mustard color and works just fine. I was going to make a cover, but I think I will wait until next year.

The pumpkin I bought a few weeks ago at Target for $3. I made the pumpkin garland out of yarn that 
I got for 88¢ and the rest of the supplies were on hand.  The skeleton garland I bought at… you guessed it, The Dollar Tree.

The bats came from a night with a not so realistic, but totally lovable Hallmark movie and a pair of scissors. I’m always thankful to Martha Stewart for inspiration. She is such a diva. Love her!

And lastly, the hanging birdcages were on clearance at Micheals for $3 a couple years ago. There are two more in a different area of the house.

None of these decorations are expensive and the entire front entry comes in at less than $10. I think it captures the spirit of Halloween without the hefty price tag. Do you have any DIY Halloween decor for you front entry? Share it with us, we would love to see what you are working on.

Happy October friends!


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